Clean Up and new blog name

Cleaned out a lot of posts that aren't too inline with the theme of my blog...which is actually focusing on my artwork ;) Anyways, expect to see more random work I've been overdue on uploading here.

In case you haven't noticed, my old url http://oekakistation.blogspot.com is now www.davidzamora.com, me :)




Here's my IF for the week, the theme being "Snap". I've been looking at the IF entries and it seems a couple other entries have the same idea as this...BUT THEY DON'T HAVE VAMPIRES, muahahah! ;) Really though, this one was fun doing. I enjoy comic art and the different tones used to give it a little depth, so I decided to play around with this one a little. Cheers^^


Illustration Friday - I SPY

My lord I'm soooooo sleeeeepy! Going to bed after this post...I knew I should have colored this earlier in the week :P It's a little bit of a rush job with some of the coloring, but nobody's paying me to do this, hehe.... As you can see, the spy is being spied on.



Illustration Friday - "Total"


Manga Studio 3.0

Found this excellent illustration app called Manga Studio 3. This is by far the best illustration software I've used. The controls and response are absolutely wonderful. I plan on doing some more illustrations with this baby...(at least until the trial runs out :P) Here is some test stuff I've drawn and toned with it...

I have a couple of paintings I'm starting to work on that are quite a bit different from the usual (well, most of my stuff are studies from school :P ). I hope that I can express myself a bit better in the artwork. I'll give it my best ^^


Illustration Friday - Wisdom!

w00t!! Decided to knock out Illustration Friday today after an idea popped in my head. Had to take advantage of it^^ Anyways, some of the dialogue was inspired by the movie 'Swingers'. Enjoi :)

Horrific moment...

So I'm working on this great piece for some of the web art on the Tiki project I have going and then BAM! I lose my work...my fault of course. Well, I didn't really lose it, I just altered it to where I have to start over again. I was working in Corel Painter to add in the color to the art I had penciled and then I resized it to a much smaller image to show someone the art...anyways, to make a long story short, the image is now too small to work with if I'm going to make prints from it. I worked around 7-8 hours on it and now I have nothing to show for. Well, you know what they say, "We all learn from our own mistakes.". I knew I should have made a backup for this. Well, my mindset is to create a better piece of art. Back to the drawing board. I'll upload the unfinished 'horrific moment' art later :(


Tiki art

Well, it seems that I'm going to be working on a large project for a tiki based business my brother wants to start up. If any of you are into tiki and exotica, rejoice! Hehe, so I'm pretty psyched up about getting some original ideas down for the artwork. I'll be working on the web graphics and will be focusing mostly on some crazy ideas for the illustrations. This is something that I've always been interested in doing so I'll give it my best. Wish me luck^^


Illustration Friday - empty

Okay, so here's my first attempt at illustration friday. Mr. Mouse has an empty Christmas tree and stocking...poor fella. Anyways, it's not elegant, but I thought I throw in some humor :P Wish I could have thrown in some more color to it but we're kind of busy at work now...


Todays doodles

Here are a couple pieces (doodles really) that I've done recently. Not for contract or anything, just for self gratification. All art has been done on fine xerox printing paper and No2 office pencils. I love free materials :P